Test on Stainless steel :


source: Bohner ,H.F.,Bradley ,R.L. 1991. Corrosivity of Chlorine Dioxide Used as Sanitizer in Ultrafiltration Systems.J. of Dairy Science ,74:3348-3352

Solutions Tested :

A. 500 ppm Acidified Sodium Chlorite to pH 2.7-produced 4ppm CLO2 initially,20ppm CLO2 after 12 hours 

B. 100 ppm Pure CLO2 to pH 7.2

Results after 10 day soak test at 40degreesC:

Solution A Corrosion of both 304ss and 316ss

Solution B No corrosion to either 304ss or 316 ss

The vapors of Solution A or B were noncorrosive to 304 ss and 316 ss

Conclusion : in pH 2,7 CLO2 corrosive , in pH 7.2 non corrosive even at 100ppm dosage rate

eOxide Lq chlorine dioxide has an oxidation/reduction potential of 0,95 which is lower than other commonly known decontaminating agents ,Hydrogen peroxide and bleach

This make eOxide chlorine dioxide scientifically less corrosive than other oxidative agents  


Pipe destroyed by chlorite corrosion

Inner pipe destroyed by chlorite corrosion
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