Diffrence between stabilized and activated Clo2.pdf

SCD or “stabilized chlorine dioxide” is prepared by buffering sodium chlorite with carbonate or phosphate, and hydrogen peroxide. This approach, in reality, stabilizes the chlorite not the chlorine dioxide, and the stabilized compound is not the same as chlorine dioxide, nor has the same oxidizing properties. Dosage rates and allowed (safe)concentrations of both products are completely different. We claim that our chlorine dioxide product is generated in a different way and has nothing to do with SCD products. Therefore the concentration of our pure ClO2 product can never be higher than 1%. The ClO2 molecule is unique in that it is soluble in water, oil, and organic solvents. On the other hand, sodium chlorite is a salt, soluble in water only, and unlike chlorine dioxide, will hydrolyze or breakdown in solution while chlorine dioxide remains as a complete molecule. The chlorine dioxide that is generated from the eOxide LQ products contains true chlorine dioxide and is superior in every manner to the SCD products or “stabilized chlorine dioxide”. Experienced people will understand the differences immediately, already by the different concentrations and dosage rates
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